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From Johan Adelöw <>
Subject RE: How can I append files from exec?
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2000 13:29:52 GMT
I still can't make it work

<exec executable="sh" dir="${exec_dir}./" failOnError="true">
			<arg value="-c" />
			<arg value="&quot;cat ${tmplogfile}: &gt;&gt; ${logfile}&quot;"/>

[exec] /usr/bin/sh: cat /home/jad/project/repbld_error_logs/error.log: >>
No such file or directory

-----Original Message-----
From: Stefan Bodewig []
Sent: den 20 oktober 2000 13:19
Subject: Re: How can I append files from exec?

>>>>> "JA" == Johan Adelöw <> writes:

 JA> Is there some way to append to a file when using the exec target

No, none at the moment.

 JA> Ive tried to do like this

 JA> <exec executable="sh" dir="${exec_dir}./" output="${os_log}"
 JA>       failOnError="true">
 JA>    <arg value="&quot;cat ${tmplogfile}: &gt;&gt; ${logfile}&quot;"/>
 JA> </exec>

 JA> When I do like this (on linux) the cat command isn't executed.

because there is a <arg value="-c" /> missing (as the first arg).

You don't need to specify the output attribute in the cat case BTW.


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