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From "Mahlen Morris" <>
Subject RE: How to use ANT
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2000 20:58:18 GMT
Yes, that's what we're doing as well, and while i haven't deployed it to
my team yet, i suspect it's what people want (according to my manager).
I'd imagine it depends on the style of the team: if you have one
buildmeister who is lord of the build, or there is not a strong sense of
personal ownership of the packages (i.e., many people edit the code in a
package), then I'd think one build.xml would suffice. But I (the current
buildmeister) didn't want to do all the ongoing work, so i split it up,
so that package owners could be induced to fix their own build.xml's.
Time will reveal if this will happen. :p

But I agree, the tricky thing is believing that Ant works so well (once
I got used to the way it prefers to work), and to search the Ant mailing
list for already present answers to your questions. But it would be nice
to see some more examples; perhaps I'll be able to post my own sometime.


Never call a man a fool.  Borrow from him.

From: Chris Todd []

Really?  I would have guessed having several ant subprojects, each in
own directory and with it's own build.xml file, would have provided
flexibility.  Perhaps that is only because I am thinking of using ant at
work, where we have about 15 developers working together on a large
with each developer working on their own small part of it.  I imagined
developer writing a build.xml file for their stuff, then one master
build.xml file that runs each of the others.

Is this a reasonable strategy?  Any insights would be appreciated.

Chris Todd
Software Engineer
Alabanza Corporation

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