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From Neville Burnell <>
Subject Realworld ANT build.xml example - from the ArgoUML project
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 00:11:46 GMT

This is the build.xml [and some notes] for ArgoUML posted a few days ago
- haven't looked at it myself but it might help [or confuse?] people
looking for ideas

Hope it helps

-----Original Message-----
From: Andrew Smith []
Sent: Friday, 29 September 2000 7:58 AM
Subject: [argouml-dev] Re - build.xml tweak - again

Dear All,

1. Following some helpful advice from Alejandro I have revised build.xml
once more. It should not now require any editing to suit any Windows
system and I have also put further information into the introductory

2.  I had hard coded my settings into build.xml as I had earlier been
misled by Ant itself as to whether various parameter inputs were having
any effect. This is because of the programme operating order which
prevents instructions in the build.xml file from displaying the values
of any environment or property file settings even though they are

3. To go with this I have revised build.bat to be usable. The version in
CVS was so corrupted as to be inoperable. (Not only the CR/LFs,

4. While doing this I realised that the need for separate build
programmes for Windows, UNIX, Linux and probably Macs as well could
probably be removed by using the tool with which we are all familiar -
Java. Over the next couple of days I shall have a go at producing a
simple front end for Ant to allow the input of any settings needed by

5. While using the "build run" facility I found that sometimes, under
circumstances I cannot yet define, the user could be left in an Ant
limbo when ArgoUML exited. No prompt or command line and hence no

6. For completeness the zip file ( attached to this email
also contains the revised to allow the output of "build
package" to be used like any other .jar file.

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