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From "Adam Murdoch" <>
Subject RE: How to use MatchingTask?
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 22:44:40 GMT


The easiest way (I think) to get the file list is to use
MatchingTask.getDirectoryScanner().  You will need to supply a base
directory, as MatchingTask doesn't provide one for you.

What you're seeing in the javac task is the case where the task has more
than one base directory, that it wants to scan using the same patterns.  In
this case, the task has to call MatchingTask.getDirectoryScanner() once for
each base directory, and collect the results into a list.


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> From: Jay Glanville []
> Sent: Saturday, 7 October 2000 1:12 AM
> To: Ant-User (text)
> Subject: How to use MatchingTask?
> I want to make my own task, one that uses includes
> includes/excludes.  Thus,
> my task doesn't extend Task, it extends MatchingTask.  Can someone please
> explain to me the best way to get the file list from MatchingTask?  The
> reason that I'm a little confused, is because it looks like (in
> task javac)
> that it's not the MatchingTask class that determines the class
> list, but the
> subclass.
> Jay
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