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From Gunnar Boström <>
Subject property in basedir
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2000 10:58:30 GMT
I'm using: Ant version 1.2rc1 compiled on October 13 2000

As I see it it's a bug that the basedir in project can't contain a property
(at least java system-properties should be allowed). 
Will this be changed?

The same build.xml file should be used for different people so  
I would like to do the following:
<project name="myProject" default="main" basedir="/mypath/${}">
    <junit fork="no" printsummary="yes">

but can't because of the restriction in basedir.

I've also tried 
<project name="myProject" default="main" basedir="/mypath">
    <junit fork="yes" dir="${}" printsummary="yes">

but the junit task tries to create files in /mypath where I don't have write

Perhaps the junit task should have a logdir attribut?

Any suggestion!

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