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Subject large number of files
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2000 15:35:08 GMT
I am new to Ant and was wondering if there is a place to peruse archives
of this list.  Next I have a good size project (about 1500 class files)
and when I attempt to execute using a single task  (source dir is the
top of the tree) ant blows up, javac  out of memory error . I looked at
the code and the ant calls javac  and attempts to compile it with one
call to the compiler.  It would be nice if it broke it up automatically
or was configurable.

 I broke my build up into smaller sections but there are warnings in
some classes and the build fails. Is this normal behaviour for it to
fail on warnings ? Is there anyway to have Ant display the specific file
that is causing the problem ? I am using the version 1.1 .

	Phil Durbin

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