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Subject Re: Difficulty using jikes with large source tree
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2000 14:06:44 GMT
I found out why I couldn't see the fix.  Someone posted that the nightlty builds
were out of date (1.1 version), so I had to go to CVS.  BTW, I couldn't connect
to CVS at  I was finally able to get the lateste code by
connecting to

Stefan Bodewig <> on 10/10/2000 02:12:41 AM

Please respond to

cc:    (bcc: Alan G Pulliam/CPAS)

Subject:  Re: Difficulty using jikes with large source tree

>>>>> "ap" == apulliam  <> writes:

 ap> I am using the javac task with jikes (build.compiler="jikes") and
 ap> I am trying to build a large source tree (722 files).

This problem has been addressed the first time by using a temporary
file and jikes' @filename option shortly after the 1.1
release. Current versions of Ant 1.2alpha are supposed to do so even
if not running on Windows (but you shouldn't see much of it, the
compile should simply work and the temporary file be deleted before
you get to notice it).


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