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Subject Re: Difficulty using jikes with large source tree
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2000 21:19:36 GMT
I was using the 1.1 "release" version of ant.  I just now tried the 2000-10-09
nightly build.  Neither one appears to break the large compile into smaller
units or use a response file for the compiler.  Is there something I need to do
to set this up?


Diane Holt <> on 10/09/2000 04:51:40 PM

Please respond to

cc:    (bcc: Alan G Pulliam/CPAS)

Subject:  Re: Difficulty using jikes with large source tree

--- wrote:
> Ant is finding jikes in the path because it works fine for a smaller
> source
> tree.  As it turns out javac also fails with OutOfMemoryError when I try
> to
> build the whole tree at once.   I suppose I'll have to break the
> projects into
> smaller target trees.

Actually, I think Stefan put a change thru recently to break large compile
lines down into smaller units. (I don't know -- I feed >2000 files at once
to a single <javac>, and what it has always done for me is to create a
source-file list that gets sent to jikes with the @filelist parameter, so
I'm not exactly sure what the recent change was supposed to be
addressing... maybe OS's with smaller command-line capacities that aren't
using jikes?) Anyway, check CVS for that change, and try picking it up and
seeing if that helps.



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