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Subject RE: Experiences with Ant.
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 19:04:31 GMT

Thanks for your analysis.  I do think you've identified several of the
pros/cons of ant quite accurately.  

A couple of comments though:

Regarding con #1:

> 1. The Jakarta projects at Apache use Ant, they are the ones that actually
> developed it.  I've found a few other projects that use Ant by searching
> "build.xml" in Google. [...]

Where I work, we've made Ant the defacto standard build tool over the past
couple of months, practically by word-of-mouth alone.  All of our new
development--encompassing a couple dozen developers (using various Unix,
Linux and Windows platforms, but the way) and half a dozen large and
interdependent projects--uses Ant as the build tool.  My point being that
there must be dozens (hundreds?) of "internal" development projects using
Ant that you'll never discover by searching the internet.

Regarding cons #2 and #3:

> 2. To run Ant one has to set ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME environmental
> and run a bourne shell script.  No such script is provided for Windows, so
> either write your own batch file or run Ant "natively".

> 3. [...same thing for antRun...]

The Ant 1.1 distro (and many builds before and after that) include ant.bat
and antRun.bat files that are equivalent to the unix shell scripts.  There
are some minor issues with getting this to work perfectly seamlessly across
the various Windows flavors (95/98/2K/NT), but it isn't difficult to make it
work on any one platform with a minor tweak (at most).  (This has been a
common thread on either ant-user or ant-dev or both, if you check the
archives at I'm sure you'll find it.)

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