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From marc Luce <>
Subject Redirecting stdout
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2000 11:17:10 GMT
I am trying to use the <JAVA> tag as follows:

  <target name="runDevel" depends="compile">
    <property file="${app.home}/run/" />
    <java classname="com.Bletch"
          fork="yes" >
      <arg value="devel.ini" />
      <arg value="${}" />
      <arg value="${bb.user.pwd}" />
        <pathelement location="${support.jar}" />
        <pathelement location="${devel.jar}" />
        <pathelement path="${cp}" />

This causes Bletch to run correctly but the stdout is coming back to the
shell where I called ant with the target 'runDevel'.  How would I redirect
stdout and stderr to a file without redirecting ant's stdout and stderr?

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