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From Dave Inskeep <>
Subject Re: Need help with ejbc WebLogic v1.1
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 20:48:29 GMT
Assuming that you're using Ant 1.2, there's an optional task ejbjar with a 
nested task weblogic. ejbjar creates a generic EJB 1.1-compliant jar file 
and the weblogic task then turns it into a jar for WLS 5.1.


At 08:16 PM 10/27/00 +0000, you wrote:

>In case you can help me with my problem I will be real grateful...
>Currently I am looking for a task in ANT that will compile  EJBs. The 
>download version of ANT has the optional "ejbc" task supplied with it. I 
>have managed to successfully build it and incorporate it in the ant.jar 
>Unfortunately, this policy is for EJB1.0, and therefore won't handle 
>EJB1.1 deployment descriptors which is what I am using. Before starting to 
>write my own task it will be nice to know if there is a task available 
>that will handle XML descriptors duruing ejbc compilation.  Also, does the 
>optional task ejbjar do the ejbc within it. I guess not!
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