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From Alfonso Urdaneta <>
Subject Re: Microsoft compiler
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2000 19:11:17 GMT
Alan Gerhard wrote:
> but then there's - J++ supports only java 1.1.8.
> Last I heard , MS has done nothing with J++ (publicly) for over 
> 18 months - it appears to be a dead product.

That is actually quite sad, because the MS compiler and jvm were fast as
hell, but then they weren't allowed to continue work because they were
getting sued (rightly) for perveting the intent of Java.

My predictions are that 

1.  At JavaOne next year microsoft will release a compiler and runtime
   is compliant, and faster than anything in the universe


2.  Microsoft will drop the product completely because it does nothing
    ensure that people are forced to develop on and for the Windows

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