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From Oliver Boehm <bo...@Informatik.BA-Stuttgart.De>
Subject Re: Integration in JBuilder
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 19:11:26 GMT
Jan Castermans wrote:
> Better let all of us know, because I already browsed around, but couldn't
> find anything...

I also could't find anything. So I played around with the JBuilder OpenTools API
but unfortunately my documentation has some gaps. If you are interested you can
take a look at

Be warned - it's not for general use because different things are still hard
coded (path, buildfile). Consider it more as an example or case study how an
integration could be done. The next thing I plan is the redirection of the ant
output into JBuilders message window (if I find the time to do it(.

If there's something new I'll keep you informed (but don't expect too much)
Oli B.
Oliver Böhm                       # Even when code is so simple you could      # write in your sleep don't fall asleep # while writing it (Kernighan/Pike)

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