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From Oliver Boehm <bo...@Informatik.BA-Stuttgart.De>
Subject Re: Integration in JBuilder
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 18:52:59 GMT
Marcel Schutte wrote:
> > some days ago there was a question which IDE supports Ant.
> > Unfortunately I can't remember if JBuilder was mentioned (I think not).
> > Also I found nothing on the Net.
> > Does anybody know a Plugin for JBuilder? Or has anybody tried it
> > using the JBuilder OpenTools API?
> I'm using a very low-tech approach for calling ant from JBuilder 3.5 on a
> win2000 machine. I've added an item to the tools menu which calls a .bat
> file with ($ProjectDir) and the ant target as parameters. This .bat file
> contains the command 'start /d%1 %2'. The start command is somehow necessary
> to make it all work.
> A Unix version shouldn't be too difficult I guess.
> Marcel

this was also my first approach, but then I want to call different targets and I
ended with several entries in the tools menu (which becomes very unhandy). Also
it's not portable - one of the big advantage of Ant (and also JBuilder).

But yes, to start with Ant and JBuilder it's sufficient, but I want more ;-)

Oliver Böhm                       # Even when code is so simple you could      # write in your sleep don't fall asleep # while writing it (Kernighan/Pike)

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