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From David Svanberg <>
Subject exec problem on Windows2000
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2000 11:35:33 GMT
I have a problem trying to run my sqlj executable using the exec-tag:

<exec dir="${source.dir}" command="sqlj -compile=false
icm\CommonDBDeclarations.sqlj" output="build.log" />

The exec-function does not seem to recognize that the '-' character is part
of the command that should be executed. It seems like the batch program,
antRun.bat, think the tag is meant for the batch program and not a part of
the command. Is there any workaround?

The -verbose mode gives:

     [exec] Myos = Windows 2000
     [exec] C:\jakarta-ant\bin\antRun.bat
I:\engelbrekt\java_source\icm\source sqlj -compile=false
     [exec] Output redirected to build.log
     [exec] Result: 1

>more build.log
false: Error: not a valid input filename: false
Total 1 error.

>ant -version
Ant version 1.1 compiled on July 18 2000


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