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From "Gavin M. Bell" <>
Subject includes with javac
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 23:23:57 GMT
Hello Gentle-people,


    "includes" attribe makes "javac" task not work


    I am using ant for the first time for "real" I am doing some jini
stuff and it is crucial to have a good build tool.  Well I love ant
however I am trying to use the javac task and it would not work when I
used the "includes" attribute.  Has anyone had this issue.  Any help
would be appreciated.

I am using jikes.
I was using ${foo} variables in the includes but then I took them out,
that had no change.  It changed the order of the attrbute, but that also
didn't work.  The only thing that allows for [javac] to execute at all
is when I don't have the "includes" tag.

<javac srcdir="${jinidevpath}/src"

      classpath="${client.classpath}" />

Without the includes, it works (but compiles all my darn files, not what
I want).
With the includes it doesn't even do this task!!!  ARRRGGHHH!!!!

(for the really interested... here is the whole build script, please
don't punish the newbie, help him :-)


     Gavin M. Bell (UNIX SEMPI)
          *System Administrator
          *All Around Groovy Cat:-)

"I'm trying real hard to be the shepherd."
    -Samuel Jackson (Pulp Fiction)


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