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From jeff <>
Subject Re: Experiences with Ant.
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2000 19:03:04 GMT
"Joseph R. Kiniry" wrote:
> Attached is my review of Ant vs. Make.  Is there anything I'm saying that is
> off-base?
> I've been reading and evaluating Ant 1.1 for the last hour or so.  Here's what
> I've found.
> Cons:
> 1. The Jakarta projects at Apache use Ant, they are the ones that actually
> developed it.  I've found a few other projects that use Ant by searching for
> "build.xml" in Google.  Searches on several other terms yielded no new hits.
> The projects using Ant include TView, one of the free EJB servers (ejboss),
> Infozone (another XML server-side framework), and Ozone (an OS Java ODBMS).  I
> get no hits on Ant-using projects at SourceForge, though I'm sure there must
> be a few.

A few more:

> 2. To run Ant one has to set ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME environmental variables
> and run a bourne shell script.  No such script is provided for Windows, so you
> either write your own batch file or run Ant "natively".

Ummm, ant.bat?

> 5. The Ant Users list is fairly quiet.  I subscribed a couple of days ago and
> no messages have been sent.

There have been at least 100 messages on ant-user since Monday.

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