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From Dan Smith <>
Subject Re: Building a hierarcical build-file tree?
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2000 17:11:23 GMT
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Hey all,
<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I&nbsp;just wanted to let someone know that I
up our project to use multiple build files for the same reason Craig stated,
that we wanted the ability to build sub-projects independently.&nbsp; To
solve the relativity problem, all locational properties are refenced from
a ${project.home} variable which is set in all build.xml files (via the
${user.dir} property).&nbsp; Since properties are immutable, it is set
once within the first build.xml file encountered.&nbsp; Also, all locational
properties are set in a java-style properties file located in ${project.home}/properties/
<p>The only caveat is you need to be in a directory which contains a valid
'build.xml' file.&nbsp; Things like 'ant -buildfile src/com/mycompany/myproject/build.xml'
no longer work because I am using java's ${user.dir} property to determine
the location of the build.xml file (and thereby the properties file).
<p>Other than that, it works great. We are running on Solaris (sparc &amp;
x86), Linux and NT.
"Sometimes I wish I could be you, just so I could be friends with me."
-- Agelica Pickles</pre>

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