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From Dan Smith <>
Subject Javac and includesfile
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2000 14:49:59 GMT
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Is there a way to specify the package for files once in an include file?&nbsp;
Here is why I ask:
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; We have many build.xml files, one for each package.&nbsp;
I did this so people could compile from any subdirectory, not only the
root directory.&nbsp; In order to allow for files that are not yet 'ready
for primetime', I used the includesfiles tag.&nbsp; The only problem (and
it is more of an inconvenience than anything), is that each file needs
to have the full package path. &nbsp;For example:
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Contents of 'javafiles.dat'
<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Contents of build.xml:
<br>&lt;javac srcdir="/home/mydir/src/myproject"
<p>It would be nice to specify the 'include' directory once.&nbsp; If I
specify the full path in the 'srcdir' tag (i.e. srcdir="/home/mydir/src/myproject/com/mycompany/myproject/common"),
then those files are compiled everytime I run ant because ant expects the
srcdir to be the project root.
<p>Any suggestions?
"Sometimes I wish I could be you, just so I could be friends with me."
-- Agelica Pickles</pre>

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