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From (Matthew Kennedy)
Subject Re: Ant gui tool
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2000 15:05:30 GMT

Saviely wrote:
> For one thing, is this redundant?  The logical progression of things
> nowadays is to GUIs, so I'd think it would be in the works.

I guess it's an XML editor that you're going to write. At the moment, I
use Xeena (from IBM AlphaWorks). Given a DTD (or schema), it provides a
Swing GUI for building an XML document. Required attributes are shown in
red, and it keeps a list of elements in bold that are allowed next at
the "cursor" within the XML document tree. ie. It forces a valid XML
document. It works very well for me. Xeena can be customized further by
specifying specific icons for elements in Ant's DTD. It can also apply
XSL to your build file.... should you so desire.


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