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From Douglas Guptill <>
Subject rmic doesn't find classes when asked to verify
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2000 20:15:34 GMT

I'm running ant 1.1 on WinNT.  When I ask the "rmic' task to verify, it
lists all the classes in the directory and says it cannot find them.  It
does rmic the classes that need rmic'ing, but I would like to use the
verify feature to get rid of all those error messages.   Any ideas?


relevant snips....

------- start exerpt from build.xml -----------------------------
   <target name="rmic_jdbcremote" depends="compile">
      <rmic base="."  includes="com/thinweb/jdbcremote/*.class"
verify="true"  classpath="${classpath}" />
-------  end exerpt from build.xml -----------------------------

------- start exerpt from console output ------------------------
     [rmic] Verify has been turned on.
     [rmic] Unable to verify class
com.thinweb.jdbcremote.JDBCRemoteFactory. It
could not be found.
...<snip>...many more messages, one for each file in the directory.....
-------  end  exerpt from console output ------------------------

Douglas Guptill         
Quality Assurance Specialist      902-425-2802 x 222
thinWEB Technologies    

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