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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Microsoft compiler
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2000 02:35:26 GMT
>> i think you're better off not using the microsoft compiler on large scale
>> projects, it's largely incompatible with "Standard" java
>What is the connection between the Microsoft Java compiler and "Standard"
>Java? Is Jikes compatible with "Standard" Java 1.1 or "Standard" Java 1.2?

jikes is compatable with JLS 1.1 (or is it 1.0 ???). It is the most
compliant compiler out there. (JLS == Java language specification).
microsofts jvc is the least compatable while suns javac is in between ;)

>Or is it just so that the compiler generates bytecode according to the
>source and class files you feed to him and has nothing to do with "Standard"

nope - it accepts a superset of features 

>Note that I don't verfied this assumption, but I would think you could
>compile Java 1.2 with jvc and it should work if you run this with a 1.2 VM
>(At run-time it would fail of course, because of changed native-methods) -
>or are there any new byte-codes added in 1.2?? At least it should in most
>cases generate code which is compatible with Java 1.1.

it more has to do with allowed language constructs. jvc allows too much and
tries to optimize too much. Stuff compiled with jvc will not work on
1.2/1.3 vms (the same with stuff compiled with 1.1 javac will not work on
1.2/1.3 vms).

>Just wanted to clarify this a little bit since I'm using jvc and the
>generated classes run perfectly on Linux/AIX when you know what to avoid :-)

what version jvm are you using on linux ?



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