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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: licensing (was: Ant gui tool)
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2000 00:58:12 GMT
At 08:28  23/10/00 +0200, you wrote:
>> >Please let me know how I can help you with that. I believe there are
>> >working on a free javamail implementation
>> theres a guy at sourceforge who has done this. Not sure on license thou.
>Do you have an URL? I could not find it.

nope. The same guy is doing activation, infobus and mail apis under
something called OpenAPIs (or something similar). He was at sourceforge.
Look for that there. If you have no luck I will search my mail archives at
office as I have had discussions with him and I can give you his email addie.

>I am not that impressed with the results of the JCP, but I have to admit
>that Sun is playing this very smart. But I personally would rather work
>with free software then with the proprietary Sun stuff even though it
>is distributed as free beer. And there are a lot of people in the free
>software community that don't that Java that seriously because there is
>no complete free implementation. But we are slowly coming there. And don't
>forget that we might convince Sun in the end to make it an open and free
>standard. The Apache Foundation convinced Sun to release their Servlet
>implementation as free software (Tomcat). That is something I creatly
>respect and which I hope is only the beginning.

true - I see it as more of a practicality thou.

>I see what you mean. That is very offensive. Although a non-copyleft
>license such as the APL always allows people to do even worse things
>like releasing a derived version of the code as proprietary closed
>code which you cannot even inspect as you could do with an GPL version.
>But I think that people should just ignore such hostile forks of the

true but I actually prefer proprietry forks to a degree. At least there is
a chance that they will donate code back (most of them do if asked). If not
they still are good examples. Many a time I have pointed to incidents like
tomcat or to the fact that oracle is using so much stuff. With these
arguments I have been much more likely to convince them to go  opensource.
Once they go opensource it is much more easy to make them go free ;)

>> >I hope you succeed (see above). But couldn't you just recommend those
>> >projects to use the APL minus the last two clauses (call it the
>> >unrestricted APL :). That would make those projects both GPL and APL
>> >compatible.
>> nope. At least I don't think so. At apache everything is decided by
>> consensus. So even if I could do it I wouldn't want to. It is more a
>> "together we stand or together we fall" kind of atitude.
>If you cannot convince the libraries to change their license because they
>want to wait until the APL is GPL compatible you have to respect that
>of course. Does anybody know if the issue has been discussed on ApacheCon?

it only started yesterday IIRC so not sure. Thou the hackathon was on the
weekend and they may have discussed it then



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