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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Ant gui tool
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2000 16:07:53 GMT
>Peter Donald wrote:
>> At 09:11  12/10/00 -0500, you wrote:
>> >>Yes, huge problems. We couldn't ship it with Ant and you'd violate the
>> >>GPL if you shipped Ant with your stuff.
>> >
>> >Then how can jBoss (which is GPL) use the Tomcat server which is APL?
>> Illegallly. What they are doing is illegal. Every developer that
>> contributes to that project is potentially able to be put behind bars. In
>> my country (Australia) they can quite easily be put behind bars for 10
>> years and I assume the same in US. They are currently revising licensing
>> terms I believe.
>Don't get off your bike... I don't believe jBoss is using any Tomcat
>code. Last I upgraded my jBoss, they were not even packaging Tomcat with
>it. Off course, does have some directions on how to better
>integrate Tomcat and jBoss, but that's all.

jBoss is doing a lot of things illegally. At least one of the developers
recognizes this and has pushed to have licensing modified. Laundry list
include all JMX, JMS, apache stuff (ie cocoon/tomcat etc) + any other
non-GPL compatable library.

>>From what I can tell, GPL doesn't mind you linking with code licensed in
>other ways. 

Well .... no. That is the whole point of the GPL  - to force you to make
everything either GPL or GPL compatable. So what you can tell is plain
wrong and goes against the philosophy of GPL.

>As long as you don't use GPL source code in a product you
>plan to distribute without the full source code, it's fine. 

Nope - wrong again. It has to be GPL compatable if you distribute it -
which APL code is not.

>The library version of the GPL spells all this out.

now the Library GPL is different again - but you do know that right ???

>I sense a little paranoia on this thread......

I sense a lack of knowledge ...



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