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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: jikes dependencies and ant
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2000 22:58:39 GMT
At 10:13  4/10/00 +1100, you wrote:
>> Not as such but I been thinking about a way to do it as I have been
>> considering adding in c/c++ tasks recently. Would something like the
>> following work for you ..
>> <javac src="somedir" dest="someotherdir" depend-dir="dep-dir" .... />
>This is pretty much as I have proposed it in the past, except I used a
>single file for all dependencies rather than one per class. It seems more
>manageable to me that way. Can Jikes do that? I guess I could add my depends
>code in for Javac based users. Is the .dep file format documented and usable
>outside of Jikes?

.dep file was made up format ;) Probably just massaged makefile format or
something. A single dep file per class however I see as a boon as it means
that a lot less pounding on disk for large projects. But then again if you
are running on VFAT you will get a slowdown because there is so many
different files.

>> Of course the depend-dir would only be used in cases that it is useful and
>> could be turned off by a magic property.
>Why the need for a magic property?

safety. A user would definetly want to be able to ignore dependencies
because it will only cause a slowdown in some situations. You can't place
it in task as an attribute as the "certain situation" will likely be
independent of build process but depend on build environment (ie compiler
installed/processor speed/filesystem etc)



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