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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Anyone ever try to reset java.version ?
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2000 01:41:04 GMT
I'm trying to run a java process that can be run with a specified
java.version, rather than just the one that got set by what JVM I'm
running ant with. I did it using an <antcall>, and the debug output seems
to indicate it worked, in that java.version is then equal to jdk1.2.2 --
but the java process itself (ie., the classfile I'm running the <java>
with) didn't seem to catch it, even though it sets the JVM according to
System.getProperty("java.version"). That suggests the <java> process
didn't actually pass along the new value. Would I only be able (or even be
able to) do that if I use "fork"? I'm not using it, because if I do, I get
all that logging output (it's a test process I'm running, so I need the
output to be clean, so it can get diff'd against a canon -- and, I want to
be able to run the test process against different JVMs).

Any ideas?



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