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From "Christopher Elkins" <>
Subject Re: echo message does not translate properties
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2000 21:21:09 GMT
> In what context and with what version of ant do you see this behavior? Using
> 1.2rc1 I am able to echo the properties defined within a target.
Sorry, my bad. I should have elaborated, especially considering that my
situation isn't exactly the same as the one in the original message.

Ant version = 1.2rc2

Build file
    <target name="check_for_optional_packages">
        <available property="jsdk2.2.present"
classname="javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext" value="false"/>

    <target name="env" depends="check_for_optional_packages">
        <echo message="jsdk2.2 = ${jsdk2.2.present}"/>

    C:\Projects\jakarta\turbine\build>build-turbine.bat env
    Buildfile: build-turbine.xml


    jsdk2.2 = ${jsdk2.2.present}


    Total time: 1 second

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the usage of the value attribute in the available
tag, but in this scenario I'd expect to see:
    jsdk2.2 = false

Am I missing something?

Christopher Elkins

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