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From "Wes Moulder" <>
Subject Multiple directories in a jar?
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2000 15:54:56 GMT
I'm wanting to include multiple directories merged into one jar file.  I'm
using this as my jar task:
<jar jarfile="${project.lib}\test.jar" basedir="${build.dir}"

The way I have it now, it will give me:

as opposed to merging the directories, giving me:

On the command line, this is possible with the -C option.  Is there either,
a way to duplicate the -C option in the current jar taskdef (I didn't see
anything favorable looking through the code) or is there a way to
temporarily alter the directory scanner's basedir?  Or better yet, am I
missing something obvious that makes this trivial?

Thanks in advance,
--Wes Moulder
Axys Solutions, LLC

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