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From "Dan MacKay" <>
Subject Environment variables
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2000 19:43:14 GMT
Hi all,

I am a relative new user to ant and have the following question. Is it
possible to manipulate DOS session environment variables from inside of ant.
The problem I am having is setting up MS Source Safe environment variable
SSDIR. This is would be to enable me to hand in the SS database that I
wished to use for for a build as a property, change (if necessary) the SSDIR
variable and then call use a target such as:

   <target name="getSource" depends="prepare">
      <exec command="ss cp ${SSProject}"/>
      <exec command="ss.exe get
${SSProject} -Y${SSUserName} -R -I- -O- -GL${buildDir}"/>

This snippet works if I have manually set (either permanently via the
control panet or use a batch file external to the ant process) the SSDIR
prior to calling ant. I surmize that I cannot use something such as:

<exec command="set SSDIR=\\Sourcesafe2\70\">

because this would only set SSDIR for the currently executing process that
is created by a call to exec. Any hints on how I could accomplish this from
within the buildfile?


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