The problem you are running into is that the -d option is actually a javadoc option, its an option thats implemented by both the old 1.1 doclet and the regular standard doclet.  Doclint doesn't seem to need the -d option, as its output is _always_ directed to the console.  

The javadoc task needs to be patched to check to see if the standard or 1.1 doclet is being used, and then throw the build exception if destDir isn't set.  If I get the chance later today, I'll see if I can get that patch done.  That is, if I can ever get the damn virus checker to stop running on my machine.  Sigh.  Corporate mandated checks that you can't stop can be a real pain in the ass.

The upshot for you is that the 1.1 release of Ant won't work with doclint.

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Subject:        ant + doclint


I'm trying to use doclint ( with ant

When using the snippet from the websitem I get the error :


config/build.xml:297: sourcePath and destDir attributes must be set!

When I set the destDir (which is missing), I get :

 [javadoc] Generating Javadoc
 [javadoc] Parsing source files for packages
 [javadoc] Javadoc execution
 [javadoc] javadoc: invalid flag: -d
 [javadoc] usage: javadoc [options] ...

Has anybody got doclint working with ant 1.1 ?