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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Different behaviour in NT and Unix
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 11:02:35 GMT
>>>>> "S" == Saviely  <> writes:

 S> Should I consider the nightly builds stable for all the old
 S> features, or is it something of a total rewrite?

A little bit of both. 

Nothing that caused deprecation warnings in Ant 1.1 will work any
longer. You might get a whole bunch of new deprecation warnings that
can be ignored for now (these features will be removed after release
1.2). Apart from that everything is expected to behave more or less
the same as in Ant 1.1.

Under the hood a couple of things have changed, the class named Exec
isn't used for anything any longer for example. So if you have custom
tasks that relied on project.createTask("exec") to return an instance
of Exec you are out of luck.

And then, <property>, <taskdef> and handling of unknown tasks have
changed to be real runtime operations (meaning Ant won't complain if it
cannot find a task you don't use in the last case) - which may or may
not break your environment.

Take a look at the WHATSNEW file in the root directory of the
repository to get an idea of what might have changed.


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