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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Forcing dependencies
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 07:51:17 GMT
>>>>> "EvdV" == Eric van der Vlist <> writes:

 EvdV> but I am wondering how I can force the dependencies of a
 EvdV> target, using a style task, over additional XML files like I
 EvdV> could force the dependencies over ".h" files included in a ".c"
 EvdV> with a traditional make...

I'm afraid I don't understand this. Try to be patient and explain it
to a child 8^).

 EvdV> I have also a second question... looking into the XSLTProcess
 EvdV> class, I can't find where the "hasXMLFileExtension" and
 EvdV> "excluded" methods used at line 252 (Revision: 1.8) are defined
 EvdV> !

Well line 252 is inside a comment. There is a whole bunch of unused
code hidden by comments in this source file.


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