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From Daniel Hoppe <>
Subject Ant Property Madness??
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2000 18:30:08 GMT
Hi all,

today we upgraded to Ant 1.1. Before we had been using the prerelease for
quite a long time and were very satisfied so far. Today we made an odd
experience. Out init target setting all directories was placed somewhere in
the middle of the file. Before that were targets copying files, after that
targets compiling and zipping up classes. All properties are set in the init
target. With the old version everything was just fine. After the update, Ant
did not seem to parse the properties anymore and interprets them as plain
text. After some playing around with the buildfile, we figured out that
everything works fine if we place all targets using properties after the
init target. Did we miss something obvious? Please find a snippet of the
version not working anymore below.

Kind Regards

Daniel Hoppe


<!-- CopyTargets -->

<target name="copy_wrapper" depends="init,build_wrapper">
	<copyfile src="${base_jars}${wrapper}.jar"

<!-- Init Target -->
<target name="init">
	<property name="base_jars" value="${base_project}jars\"/>
	<property name="base_documentation"
	<property name="base_webapplication" value="u:\"/>
	<property name="destination_ejbrelated"

<!-- Compile Targets -->
<target name="build_wrapper" depends="init,build_futuna">
		<property name="wrapper.destination_classes"
		<mkdir dir="${wrapper.destination_classes}"/>
		<javac srcdir="${base_sources}"
includes="de/sitewaerts/${project}/wrapper/*.java" debug="off"/>
		<jar jarfile="${base_jars}${wrapper}.jar"


<sitewaerts> GmbH
Hebelstr. 15
76133 Karlsruhe

Tel.:  	+49 (721) 920 918 20
Fax:  	+49 (721) 920 918 29

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