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From Scott Anderson <>
Subject Re: How to delete Emacs save files
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 20:55:19 GMT
To answer my own question, RTFM, Scott:

"Default Excludes

There are a set of definitions which are excluded by default from all
directory based tasks. They are:

        "**/*~",    <------------- I didn't see this before... :-)

If you do not want these default excludes applied, you may disable them
with the defaultexcludes="no" attribute."

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. :-)



Scott Anderson wrote:
> As I understand the directive, the following should delete any file
> under the basedir that ends in a tilde (~) character. However, it
> doesn't seem to delete any of them.
>         <delete dir="." includes="*~, **/*~" />
> So, what am I doing incorrectly?
> Regards,
> -scott

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