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From "Don Schaefer" <>
Subject Re: Are you using ANT to build J2EE projects?
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2000 13:16:35 GMT

we are using ant for our J2EE project with WLS 5.1.  Answers below:

Brian Levine wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm wondering if folks would mind sharing their experiences using ANT
> to build J2EE projects.  I'm developing a system comprised of static
> HTML, JSPs, servlets, and EJBs for Weblogic.  I'd be interested in
> knowing how you go about building all of this using ANT.
> For example:
> do you put your EJBs and servlets in separate root directories or are
> they combined under a common package hierarchy?

We have a webapp and core directory.  They share the same package but
are in different source trees.

> How do you ensure that classes that are common to the EJB interface
> and servlet layers don't get included in both the webapp and EJB JAR
> to avoid the Weblogic ClassCastException problem?

Since we don't don't have any functionality in the webapp tree that is
used by the core this is not a problem for us.

> Do you use the optional weblogic EJB tasks or do you roll your own?

We have rolled our own targets so far.  I will look at the weblogic
tasks again but for the moment using our own targets has worked fine.

We have a central build.xml and several other .xml that are invoked from
build.xml to facilitate developers adding their own targets for test and

> Thanks in advance.
> -brian

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