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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Using excludesfile in javac?
Date Sun, 10 Sep 2000 17:07:51 GMT
I haven't seen any examples in the documentation on how to use
excludesfile. Do you specify it with a full path, or one relative to
basedir? What should the lines in the file look like -- the same as if
you'd done them individually in an <exclude name="${com.dir}/"/>
or does it not handle actual filenames but only wildcard patterns?

I've tried several different ways, but so far javac isn't excluding any of
the files listed in the excludesfile.

This could also be where tuning might come in, since it now takes the full
build over 11 minutes -- but at least 10 of that is spent searching for
the remainder of the source files to compile. Does anyone know if it would
be faster to just maintain an includesfile list and feed that to it
instead of having it try and assemble the list itself? (It's alot of
files, but if it would speed things up enuf, it might not be all that
horrible to maintain it.)

Other than this, Ant's working very nicely now -- kudos to everyone who
put their time and energy into it!



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