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From "D'Souza, Sudeep" <>
Subject RE: Classpaths...
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2000 19:06:39 GMT
	This I got from the index.xml from the website but the problem that
I face is something like this

<property 1>
<property 2>

<include a.xml> 

<targets using properties of a.xml>

<include a.xml>

<targets using properties of a.xml>

Is it possibe to do such an include.
I am using 1.2alpha version.


p.s. Is there any documentation on ant other than in the index.html in the
jakarta site. 

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From: Saviely []
Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2000 8:22 AM
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Subject: RE: Classpaths...


Fortunately for you, whenever you use the Ant task to call a subproject,
you inherit the calling project's properties.  If both have a property of
the same name, the calling project overrides the subproject's property.

That sort of thing is under the description of the Ant task in the docs,
not in the properties part..  This is how I manage stuff; each person has
a main Ant XML file, which is used to call the buildfiles in the CVS
directory, overriding the default properties.  If there are any "special
needs" for a particular user, the buildfile can check if a certain
tag property is set (probably bad use), or the user's main XML file can
call it.


On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, D'Souza, Sudeep wrote:
> Yup got this working thanks a lot but I have another query....
> 	Can I set my classpath and other properties in one project and
> include this project in other project and before I build any targets I
> these variables setup...
> 	I want to put all these properties in something similar to header
> files and include this in all the other projects.
> Thanks,
> Sudeep.

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