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From "George McKInney" <>
Subject making java [look like] a MatchingTask
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2000 20:37:10 GMT
I'm porting some makefiles to Ant and have hit a bit of a snag. One of our
jobs is to use jPublisher to generate a bunch (~100) of .java and .sqlj
files from Oracle stored procedures and then to run sqlj against those

Our makefile command for the sqlj job looks like:

	bin/sqlj ...  `find ./gen/ -name '*.java'` `find ./gen/ -name '*.sqlj'`

where the `find ...` commands are sorta/kinda like Ant's includes= ...

HOWEVER, bin/sqlj (eventually) kicks off a java "task" with all the file
names included as args, and the java task isn't a MatchingTask.

It would be easiest to have my sqlj target call the java task, but I don't
see any reasonable way to get a list of all the files generated by the jpub
target. (Ideally, I'd write a SQLJTask that blends and
MatchingTask, but I want instant gratification :-)

Is there any fairly simple way to get the file list into the args attribute
of the java task?


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