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From "Wes Moulder" <>
Subject RMIC
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2000 20:16:11 GMT
I'm still using Ant 1.1, and I'm trying to build jboss with it.  The problem
I'm having is with the rmic task.  It says I should supply it with the class
name to be compiled, and the directory base.  I'm giving it the directory of
where to find the compiled class, and the class name and it's dying with a
StringIndexOutOfBoundsException.  I've also tried it where I give it the
directory of where to find the source file for the class I'm trying to RMIC,
but neither works.  Am I missing something obvious?

	    <rmic base="${jboss.sourcepath}"

	    <rmic base="${jboss.outpath}"

These are the two different ways I had done it.  jboss.outpath is set to my
temp directory, and jboss.sourcepath is set to the base directory of the
source tree. Any help on this would be appreciated as this is a problem I
keep running into, and I'd like to quit working around it, and do it the
right way.

--Wes Moulder
Axys Solutions, LLC

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