If it makes you feel any better about the time spent, I know I and a lot of others who started using ant cause it came with tomcat could use your document.  There are an awful lot of newbie ant questions on tomcat-user.


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> --- "Sills, David" <David.Sills@appnet.com> wrote:
> > I'm new to using Ant and am finding the documentation
> totally inadequate at
> David,
> Please don't despair.  I'm very busily writing a document
> that you (or at least
> future beginners) should find very useful.  My first
> releasable "draft" should
> be ready in about a week or so (and complaints like yours
> actually stimulate me
> to make certain I cover those areas :-).  I'm not being paid
> to do this, so
> like any other labor (queen's english: labour) of love, I'm
> doing it in my
> spare time...and this document is taking up a LOT of my spare
> time (I only
> started 9 days ago).  Please be patient and I'll get something to you!
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