I’m new to using Ant and am finding the documentation totally inadequate at answering obvious questions that would be asked by new users. I have some gnumake experience and some JMake experience, and have not had anything like the level of difficulty with them as with Ant. I do not for a moment believe that this is a quality of Ant itself, only the time the creators haven’t had to document it better, and the level of stupidity that they weren’t expecting in (at least this) user. I would not be at all averse to helping (as time permits) with the documentation to lower the intellectual or experiential level required to make a success of the thing the first time out if only I can figure out how to do it myself.


My initial problem:


It is possible to set a classpath within the build.xml file, though I have not yet once gotten this to work (documentation lacks real-world examples!, and the build file included with Ant finesses the problem almost completely, by defining classpath as “”). Where does the system classpath fit into all this? I am working on a multi-user project in ClearCase, where users would need to use system variables to define many of the aspects of their environment, including the base classpath. If Ant doesn’t use them, then we’re out o’ luck on finding an OS-indifferent build tool (why I’m evaluating Ant in the first place). I tried passing the classpath in on a command-line property, but the tool interpreted the classpath as a task, and of course didn’t find the first one.


I have read through indexes from this list, but have seen no titles that suggested that anyone else has had this difficulty, which only makes me feel dumber, but I have to ask. Of course, I may have missed it, and if so, sincerest apologies.


Thanks for all assistance in advance. Signing myself quite frustrated but hopeful about Ant’s promise,


David Sills