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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Retting a property
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2000 06:35:49 GMT
>>>>> "MB" == Mike Blake <> writes:

 MB> Hi, Can I reset/change a property name once it's been set?

No, not in Ant 1.1. This has been one of the major changes, properties
cannot be changed by subsequent <property> constructs.

 MB> When I run the target below this doesn't seenm to work....

Rewrite this as

<target name="ejb" depends="share">
  <ant antfile="ejbBuild.xml" dir="${basedir}">
    <property name="ejbName" value="SessionManagerBean" />
    <property name="ejbDirectory" value="sessionmanager" /> 

  <ant antfile="ejbBuild.xml" dir="${basedir}">
    <property name="ejbName" value="AppManagerBean" />
    <property name="ejbDirectory" value="appmanager" />

<ant> has a nested <property> subelement. These properties are treated
by the subbuild just like properties you had defined on the command
line. These properties will not be available to the top level project.


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