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Subject Re: compile problems
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2000 22:57:43 GMT

It looks like you are using a really old version of
Ant. Modern compile was simply an empty method back then -
hence you need to upgrade Ant or else change from modern
compiling to classic compiling. BTW where did you get that
versioj of Ant ???

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Chris McFarland wrote:

> I am unable to access the FAQ, so apologies if this question is answered there. I am
having problems w/ the ANT compile task.
> I am using Tomcat as my standalone web server and have set up both my source and build
directory structures exactly as recommended in the Tomcat docs to take advantage of ANT. 
As recommended, I set up a build.bat file to run ANT, again as recommended in Tomcat. 
> All ANT tasks work except no class files end up in my WEB-INF\classes directory after
the compile task runs. I have confirmed, however, that compile correctly copies non-java files
from one of my source packages into the appropriate build package under the classes directory.
When I run with -verbose, these are the final 7 lines printed: 
>    Build sequence for target `compile' is [prepare, compile]
>    Complete build sequence is [prepare, compile, javadoc, clean, all, dist]
>    Executing Target: prepare
>    Executing Target: compile
>    Compiling 85 source files to E:\apps\jakarta-tomcat\webapps\oes\WEB-INF\classes
>    Performing a Modern Compile
>    Completed in 1 seconds
> I looked in the ANT Javac class source code and the doModernCompile() method should print
several messages after this, the next one being a printout of the compilation args.
> I am using jdk 1.3.0 and my entire project compiles fine in JBuilder, but I want to do
it successfully using ANT. Any ideas or suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Chris McFarland,



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