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From David Walend <>
Subject Re: Probably a dumb question
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2000 01:58:15 GMT
On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Ralph Jorre wrote:
> If I compile ant in a jdk - e.g. jdk1.2.2 and then want to recompile my 
> stuff using jdk 1.3 do I have to recompile ant in jdk 1.3 as well?

Hi Ralph,

Unless someone knows about some specific hitches, it'll work fine.  I've
been doing just that for few weeks without thinking about it.

Hope I'm not leading you astray.


"Text processing has made it possible to right-justify any idea, even one
which cannot be justified on any other grounds."
                -- J. Finnegan, USC.

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