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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: Ant javadoc task packagename doc is wrong
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2000 22:51:53 GMT

The documentation regarding the comma separated values has already been
corrected in CVS so should have been included in the build. There is an
issue with the current nightly build process. I'll try to see what it is.

The terminating wildcard information is, however, correct. You need to
distinguish between the Javadoc task and the javadoc tool. The task will
search for package statements of files in the source path to see if they
match the given wildcards. This is very much more conventient than having to
state each packagename.


Conor MacNeill
Cortex eBusiness
-----Original Message-----
From: Steve Sonntag []
Sent: Wednesday, 16 August 2000 5:25
Subject: Ant javadoc task packagename doc is wrong

Runnning Ant version 1.2alpha compiled on August 10 2000

The document for the Javadoc task describes the packagename attribute as
separated.  This is untrue, the packagenames must be comma separated.  I
question whether "(with terminating wild card)" is correct as Javadoc
(1.2.2) forbids
terminating wildcards for packagenames. "Wildcards such as asterisks (*) are


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