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From Richard Landon <>
Subject Ant dependency evaluation (NT platform): class files are always o ut of date?
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2000 18:33:53 GMT

When I run the build using ANT I suspect that it is not properly
evaluating the dependencies between the class and java files.

I think (at least under the NT platform using the MKS or GNU bash shells)
that ANT actually recompiles every java file to a class file every time
I request the javac task regardlesss of whether the class file is "out of 
date" relative to the java file.

Here some evidence. I use a depreciated API and multiple targets referencing
from the main compilation target (compile_classes). For example I have a
that recursively compiles a directory, one that depends on this for an EJB
jar, and yet
another that packages the JUNIT unit tests into a standard or stock jar.

If I execute a build specifing the targets compile_classes ejb jar

I see the posting of the "depreciated API message" (yes, deprectation is on
the compile (ant javac task)) three times.

This may justify my conclusion about a broken dependecny evaluation under 

Please let me know if this is problem or if I am imaging it. (The builds
we do currently compile over 300 java classes, and it seems to be taking
a very long time to compile these. I suspect its because ant compiles
them a multiplicity of times.)

I have not tried this under Linux or Solaris (yet).

Regards, Rick Landon

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