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From Ian Atkin <>
Subject RE: javadoc generation troubles
Date Wed, 30 Aug 2000 12:57:21 GMT

when you use 'classpath' for the name, what happens?

The classpath attribute MUST be in all lower case, this is an Ant thing NOT
an XML thing.

Ant makes assumptions about naming of attributes and mapping them to methods
in the task class, look at the docs for writing your own task and you will
find the exact rules.

The XML specification says that element and attribute names are to be
treated case-sensitive. In that <Element> and <element> are not the same,
there is nothing in the spec to prevent use of capitals.

if you use 'classpath' you should not get the Ant Exception, but what do you
get insteaad?

the rumour that markup must be in lowercase is very damaging because it
encourages the use of wierd abbreviations and the increased use of
punctuation to make names readable. Abbreviations are often unique to the
person that made them. Punctuation can have horrible consquences when moving
between character sets or when names are used as programatic identifiers. I
prefer ripping-off the Java notation of 'ElementName' or 'attributeName'

Ian Atkin
Code Monkey & Text File Editor
Wide Learning

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	mike niemaz []
> Sent:	30 August, 2000 1:15 PM
> To:
> Subject:	Re: javadoc generation troubles
> I've tried already but although it stops crashing, 
> it does not find the classes as expected ..... 
>  Try using a lower-case C for classpath.  The attribute names are
> case-sensitive (And I believe XML in general is case-sensitive as
> well).K.C. 
> 	-----Original Message----- 
> 	From: mike niemaz [ <>] 
> 	Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2000 4:07 AM 
> 	To: ant user 
> 	Subject: javadoc generation troubles 
> 	Hi, 
> 	    I'm trying to make Ant generate the javadoc 
> 	    of my classes but it seems I can't make it work. 
> 	    I configured the xml file like this: 
> 	    <target name="javadoc" depends="prepare" init="init"> 
> 	        <javadoc destdir="../tomcat/webapps/docsoul/javadoc" 
> 	             Classpath="../tomcat/classes/" 
> 	             sourcepath="src" 
> packagenames="db.objects,db.queries,exceptions,userInterface.beans,userInt
> erface.servlets,engine.managers,engine.objects,utils"/> 
> 	    </target> 
> 	    Note that I've tried to keep it simple at first. 
> 	    I also tried "classpath" with small "c" but of course it is not
> interpreted and 
> 	    therefore does not find the classes. 
> 	    I'd appreciate any help ;-) 
> 	Thanx, 
> 	--mike 

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