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From "Frank O. Laus" <>
Subject Re: FW: Can ant-projects be included in other ant-projects.
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2000 11:01:43 GMT
Ian Atkin wrote:
> subprojects;-
> -use the ant task
>         - it executes another instance of ant from within ant
>         - it can pass a build.xml filepath, a default target, etc
>         - sub-ant processes inherit the properties of their parent ant
> process
> - read the docs for more info
> - good luck, i haven't used this task myself yet

I guess my examples were not so useful as an example...
As I wrote, I *do* use the ant task (and I read the docs of course). My
problem is that you need a list of subprojects and that you cannot write
something like: 'process all buildfiles you can find in directory dir'.
This would mean that you could write a main buildfile and add buildfiles
for the modules without changing the main buildfile. 



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