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From "Frank O. Laus" <>
Subject Re: FW: Can ant-projects be included in other ant-projects.
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2000 09:27:03 GMT
sdeva wrote:
> > My project has around 10-15 modules, 20-25 developers and there is lot of
> > stuff common to everybody or some modules. I am now trying to wrtie
> > build.xml for each of these modules as well as common stuff. My question
> > now
> > is there a way in ant to write build.xml for common modules and share them
> > in the different module build.xml's.  In other words, is there a way to
> > include ant-projects in other ant-projects.

I have a very similar problem. Im am also witing a programm with
different modules which should have
their own buildfiles.
I would like to use a mechanism like
	forall buildfiles in dir
		ant buildfile

In the moment I start the modules' buildfiles with a hardcoded list of
	ant buildfile-module1
	ant buildfile-module2
This is of course not what I want/need but I dont't see any other way to
handle this problem.

Has anyone a better idea? Or is this a problem of ant?



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Frank O. Laus
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