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From Brett Francis <>
Subject Re: No files after Javadoc run
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 18:34:22 GMT
Here's the snipped output with ant -verbose turned on. I also added the
failonerror="true" attribute to the javadoc tag so now I get a BUILD
FAILED at the end of the run:
Build sequence for target `javadocs' is [init, docprepare, javadocs]
Complete build sequence is [init, docprepare, javadocs, <snip>]
### Construct all document target dirs
### Building quicksilver JavaDocs into destination: W:\mg/docs/javadocs
  [javadoc] Generating Javadoc
  [javadoc] Parsing source files for packages
  [javadoc] Source path = W:\mg\src
  [javadoc] Packages = [com.mediagate.*]
  [javadoc] found 10 source files in W:\mg\src\com\mediagate\adapter\web
  [javadoc] W:\mg\src\com\mediagate\foo\ -->
  [javadoc] Javadoc args: [-classpath,
-sourcepath, W:\mg\src, -d, W:\mg\docs\javadocs, -version, -author, -use,
-group, mediagate Packages, com.mediagate.*]
  [javadoc] Javadoc execution
  [javadoc] Myos = Windows NT
  [javadoc] javadoc -classpath
-sourcepath "W:\mg\src" -d "W:\mg\docs\javadocs" -version -author -use
-group "mediagate Packages" "com.mediagate.*"
  [javadoc] Loading source files for package

w:\qs\build\jdk\ant\build.xml:563: Exec returned: 1

Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> >>>>> "BF" == Brett Francis <> writes:
>  BF> I've turned on the attribute verbose="true" and the only
>  BF> additional information it displays is that it is in fact walking
>  BF> the entire package hierarchy and Parsing the files.
> Could you try and run "ant -verbose" as well as/instead of setting the
> verbose attribute on the javadoc task?
> Javadoc is a little bit chatty, even if you don't ask it to be verbose
> - that why the task filters a lot of messages and you won't see them
> unless you make Ant verbose. It's possible that Ant swallows a message
> that would have been important to you - if so, please tell us which.
> Stefan

|> Brett Francis
|> mediagate, inc.

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